Qui sommes nous?

Beninese Académy for Adults Vocational Training (ABFPA).

It is a non-profit association Law 1901, she is state-approved.

The center was borned on September 07th, 2009 and already has 6 trainers, experimented each in its field of intervention.

Trained by AFPA (ASSOCIATION FOR ADULT VOCATIONAL TRAINING), the Trainers pedagogy acquired skills transfer and intends to take up the challenge of the difference and the professionalization.

Claude Padonou : President of ABFPA

Association’s Objectives

The first objective of the association is to provide a vocational training of adults while remaining an actor of the active politics of the employment led by the State by encouraging to strengthen the skill of working adults and unemployed in all the business sectors.

  • A range of service covering the management of the skills of assets.
  • A major role as actor of territorial development
  • A supply of human resources permanent and approachable to all
  • A willgness to be a laboratory of innovation.
  • A civic responsibility assumed and fully engaged.

THE ABFPA involves in the economic development which combines several assets: economic dynamism, variety of companies and quality of the work well done.

Our missions (to advice, to direct, to train, to validate) are aimed to meet the needs of companies and individuals.

In narrow relation with the politics of employment and training driven by the State, the efficiency of our action is based on multi partnership with associations, institutions and communities which work on the economic development of Benin.

Close relations of companies, individuals close, close to those who work for the success of the Country’s economy, our action focuses on several key areas.