Our Targets and Partnerships

The recruitment, the training, the perfection and the development of customer loyalty of your employees are major stakes. The training and the coaching of your employees or your future co-workers represent an important investment; we are by your side to make it an essential tool of management!


A system of training and the modalities of learning for interventions in adequacy with the world of the work;

Solutions of training and short-term perfection to develop the skills of your teams;

Customize training, adapted and adaptable, with trainers all coming from the company.


The ways to attract new candidates to solve your problems of recruitment;

Definitions of job profiles to position the right person at the right place;

Professionals of the orientation to help your employees towards the best training solutions;

A good practice of VAE to help you identify the skills, to prepare the mobility, to qualify, to motivate and to develop loyalty...


Experts and resources to set up your management planning of jobs and skills, elaborate your plan of conversion and support your development policy; the strength of a national structure organized in network to deploy the training across the territory;

Additional teams to make a success of the editings of your operations training on the educational, manager and financial plans.

ABFPA TRAINEES: we accompany you towards the company


You are employee a job-seeker or unemployed, you prepare your future, you are into training at ABFPA, proven experience and a unique network of skills to make a success of your training and earn your place in the company.



• Professionals of the orientation to ensure the coherence of your professional project;

• operational Trainings led by trainers stemming from the company in permanent link with the jobs which they teach;

• trainings based on the professional gesture to acquire at once operational know-how;

• tools and resources to train professionals in the real conditions of the company;

• adapted and accessible Trainings for all the public;

• An educational accompaniment to facilitate your personal fulfillment and your occupational integration;

• Certifications recognized by the professional and international sectors;

• solutions of training throughout your career (Accreditation of Experience acquired)