To support better the development of the human resources in company, our services are intended for every type of companies: SME/SMI, major accounts, and even the companies in the informal sector because they are directed to strengthen the abilities of individual work.

We deliver degree courses and certificates recognized on the international stage.


Support for the training project

A referral service for optimizing the individual projects of training

Contract of professionalization

A winning bet for a recruitment in alternation adapted to the needs of companies and the persons willing to acquire a work experience.

Long trainings (professional qualifications) or short (continuing training)

Several forms of training to win, develop, adapt or maintain skills.

Skills assessments

An effective tool for analysing professionals and personal skills to define or validate your professional project.

Accreditation of Acquired the Experience (VAE)

Get a professional qualification with your experience.

Period of professionalization

A training device that allows you to maintain and evolve in the employment.

Mission towards employment

A secure path for an exclusive device personalized before, during and after the entrance to the ABFPA with the aim of a sustainable social and professional integration.