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Académie Béninoise pour la Formation Professionnelle des Adultes

Welcome on the Beninese academy site for Adults  Vocational Training

THE ABFPA offers you a wide range of non exhaustive, diploma-awarding trainings and certify in all the important fields of our company.

You are all parts of our targets for training and coaching of your employees or your future employees are an important investment, we are by your side to make it as a primary tool of management!

Do it like them because that they trust us, they became members of the ABFPA, they have entrusted us their job and they became real professionals!

Training of the first students of ANPE BENIN

There are few months now that the ABFPA at its premises a first promotion of students for the National Agency for Employment in Benin. The training is going to last fourteen (14) weeks. At the end of the training the first students will receive their parchment after those of the trainers.


Le déroulement de la formation

Les premiers formateurs de l'ABFPA en salle de formation